November 2018: congratulations Céline for your post-doctoral fellowship. Many thanks to the RQR, this network is a great support to trainees career development.

September 2018: 7th International Conference on the Epididymis -Montreal -

August 2018: Our article on epididymal primary cilia has been accepted for publication in Human Reproduction. Congratulations to Bernet et al !   

July 2018: We obtained a                       operating grant for 5 years ! Thank you for your support.

July 2018: Laura Girardet received a Pierre Durand doctoral fellowship. Bravo Laura !

May 2018: Lecture at Frontiers in Reproduction

What a great cohort

of students 

April 2018: American Society of Andrology meeting. Portland, OR, USA

Always an inspiring rendez-vous

December 2017: Laura Girardet received a RQR doctoral fellowship. Bravo Laura ! Merci le 

October 2017: Matinée de chercheurs boursiers - CRCQ, Magog-Orford, CA

Matinée des chercheurs-boursiers

Honc Chen received the « À la poursuite de l’excellence » award from CRDSI.

Bravo Hong ! Merci au

July 2017: "Fertilization & Activation of Development" Gordon Research Conference

Holderness School, NH, USA

Great meeting, great people,

as usual !

May 2017: International Congress of Andrology, Copenhagen, Danemark

May 2017: Pinte Of Science, Galway Pub, Quebec City

Olivia Jerczynski received a MITACS fellowship a collaborative project with the CReATe Fertility Center. Bravo Olivia ! Merci 

April 2017: American Society of Andrology meeting in Miami, FL

Good Job

Agathe !

Agathe Bernet received the ASA Trainee Travel Award to attend the meeting.

Bravo Agathe ! Merci 

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